X factor judge sends her poo to American journalist

Sharon Osbourne doesn’t bother to berate anyone who upsets her, she simply sends them a parcel of her own poo.

‘I’ve done it for an awfully long time,’ she confesses. ‘I suppose I find it funny sending people sh*t in a Tiffany box. I mean, I don’t just do it to anybody. They have to have done something really bad.’

Simon Cowell is thankful he’s never annoyed Mrs O enough for her to dump a little parcel through his letterbox. An American writer was the TV star’s last victim.

‘A journalist said something about my kids being fat and how unappealing that was,’ she tells The Guardian Weekend magazine. ‘I thought any journalist worth their salt would never write that about children in the society that we live in today. Jack was 15 and Kelly was 16. I just thought it was wrong.’

When asked whether she put a note with the parcel, Sharon, 54, says: ‘Yeah, I said, “I heard you’ve got an eating disorder. Eat this.”’

The X factor judge also admits that she pooed into husband Ozzy’s bag of cannabis when he wouldn’t stop smoking, and threatened to wee into her son Jack’s bottle of whisky when he was drinking heavily.

We sure wouldn’t want to be opening any Christmas presents under the Osbourne family tree… Granny’s knitted scarves will do very nicely!

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Anna Taylor