Rock legend has learned to live with her condition

Sharon Osbourne admits she’ll never completely overcome bulimia.

The former X Factor judge finally stopped vomiting after meals 2 years ago, but fears that her condition could come back.

‘Once you have it, you always have it,’ says Sharon. ‘An eating disorder never goes away. You just learn to live with it.

‘I could get help, but, God, it would take me years of therapy, and what’s the point? Everyone has an addiction – you just learn to live with it.’

Sharon, 54, says her children Aimee, 25, Kelly, 24, and Jack, 23, make sure she doesn’t return to her old ways.

Kelly still follows me round if I get up mid-meal,’ she tells Weekend magazine. ‘I say, “I’m not going to throw up, honest; I’m just going for a pee”.’