Ozzy's TV star wife believes in her family

Sharon Osbourne has thrown her support behind her son Jack following his diagnosis with multiple sclerosis.

The America’s Got Talent judge openly wept on US TV after Jack, 26, announced his illness in June, but the loving mum is now feeling positive about her son’s prognosis.

Osbournes survive everything,’ says Sharon, 59.

‘We really do. Jack is doing really, really well. He is a really positive guy, a good guy. His whole life is that he gives back.

‘It makes him feel good and that is just the way he runs his life.’

Sharon is staying strong by spending time with her first grandchild, Jack’s daughter Pearl Clementine, who was born to his fiancée Lisa Stelly, 25, in April.

‘I don’t have enough time unfortunately as grandma,’ Sharon tells The Sun.

‘So I have to “kidnap” my family and take them with me all the time. I am like, “We are going out tonight.” And what I mean by tonight is that I put them on a plane and take them to New York.’

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