She's back in the game

Sharon Osbourne has finally broken her silence after splitting with husband Ozzy Osbourne – and confirms she’s ‘stronger than ever’.

The pair split after it was reported that the Black Sabbath singer had cheated on his wife of 33-years with hairdresser Michelle Pugh earlier in the month. Neither have confirmed this, however.

And while she previously only hinted at the separation by sipping a lemonade (you know, Beyoncé’s album and all that), she’s finally commenting on the whole situation.

Speaking on The Talk Sharon said: ‘I think I’m the strongest I’ve ever been right now, with everything that’s going on in my life… I feel it.’

GIF X Factor Sharon Osbourne throws water over Louis Walsh

Imagine that’s Ozzy


And her co-host Aisha Taylor, also unfortunately going through a divorce, added: ‘I think going through some stuff that you’re going through, and I know with stuff that I was going through, I would give myself the time in the car to cry when no one was looking, and I’d get to work or get to where I had to go and then I’d put that strong face on.’

The pair are allegedly divorcing despite appearing on stage together last week, as an insider told The Sun: ‘The fact they appeared together on stage does not mean they are back together.’

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Well, this is a big hint, but we’re glad that Sharon Osborne is getting back into that fighting mode… and hopefully with enough fight to make her return to The X Factor this year like EVERYONE wants!