Chat host picks wish list of men she wants to interview

Sharon Osbourne has picked out a wish list of top Hollywood actors who she’d like to interview on her new ITV1 show.

And although Sharon, 53, has already had big name stars like Nelly Furtardo and David Hasselhoff join her she’s realistic when it comes to knowing who she is likely to get to appear on her teatime programme.

In an interview with The Sun, she says she’d like to feature Tom Cruise and give Mel Gibson a ‘good talking to’.

But she admitted: ‘Tom won’t come on my show because I’d tell him he’s a nutter! He’ll do Parky because he knows he’ll be safe and that Parky will do a proper interview.

‘He’s the master, so is Jonathan Ross. Parky and Jonathan have been doing this for years, and you have to be realistic and know you will not get the big names overnight. So for now I’m happy to do real people with real stories. Tom Cruise can wait!’