These surgery-obsessed celebs show off entirely different faces and bodies to those they were born with…

Sharon Osbourne,64

Sharon Osbourne

Of all the celebrity surgeries, who remembers Sharon Osbourne’s missing tooth?

Sharon faced enormous embarrassment when one of her veneers fell out in the middle of a live TV interview in 2014, highlighting the serious consequences that playing with your teeth can have. Naomi says: ‘No one wants a missing tooth and Sharon’s stuck out like a sore thumb. The decision to have veneers shouldn’t be taken lightly.’


Ferne McCann,26

Ferne McCann celebrity surgeries

She looks almost unrecognisable from the woman who first hit our screens in TOWIE back in 2013. Ferne, sporting an almost ‘feline’ look, admitted to having a nose job earlier this year. Naomi says: ‘It’ll take 18 months to settle, so it’ll look more swollen for a while. I think she’s also had lip filler to enhance her look.’

Priscilla Presley, 71



The star has always been very open about having surgery and admitted she’s had ‘botched’ operations in the past. A spokesperson for Priscilla previously revealed she fell victim to an ‘unsolicited’ surgeon, but the question is: what hasn’t she had done? Naomi says: ‘With Priscilla, it looks like a case of too much dermal filler and Botox. Cosmetic enhancements shouldn’t be overdone like this!’

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, 37

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

Is this the most dramatic celebrity surgeries change?

Big Brother star Aisleyne has also fallen victim to Frankenstein teeth. She recently said that she felt like a ‘human guinea pig’ when having the procedure and claimed the surgeon ‘tortured’ her. Naomi says: ‘You have to damage your teeth in order to have veneers and they require a lot of maintenance. My advice is not to mess with your teeth unless you really need to.’