Basic Instinct star happy to reach half a century


Sharon Stone feels like a proper woman now that she’s turned 50.

‘I’ve got to say, I really like being my age,’ she says. ‘I like being a woman, not a girl.

‘I’m really sexy, sensual…I don’t want to be a 20 or a 30 any more. I think 40 to 60 is where it all comes together for women.’

The Hollywood star celebrated her half century on 10 March and is looking forward to the next decade.

After divorcing husband Phil Bronstein in 2004, Sharon is ready to find love again. She’s on a needle-in-haystack search for a guy who prefers intelligence and experience to youth and fresh-faced good looks.

‘I want a man who’s confident in his maturity and who wants a grown-up woman,’ she tells the Daily Express.

Good luck, Shaz.

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