We nominate his chest for Best Stripping Newcomer Award


Most heroes come in different shapes and sizes but luckily for us, we’ve got Shayne Ward stripping down in the heroic battle for the nation’s hearts.

Not your metaphorical heart that he’s been breaking since he won The X Factor ten years ago, the real-life heart in your chest, as the singer-turned-actor is fronting the British Heart Foundation’s DECHOX campaign.

For the month of March, Best Newcomer NTA award winner and general heartthrob Shayne Ward is asking fellow chocoholics to give up chocolate and get sponsored while doing it.


Basically, it’s like Dry January, except with chocolate instead. And significantly less boring. Where’s Dry January’s shirtless soap star?

Shayne Ward BHF shirtless gif

So many emotions in one gif

On giving up the choccie treats for the sake of your heart, Shayne Ward said: ‘I didn’t think I was a chocoholic until I realised my occasional treat had become an everyday habit.

‘For self-confessed chocoholics like me, March is not going to be easy with Easter pending, but the money raised will help the British Heart Foundation fund more research to help the millions of people fighting a daily battle with heart disease.’

The campaign raked in an impressive 19,000 people – that’s from the UK, we practically bath in sugar – and raised almost £800,000 to fight heart disease. But this year they’re aiming for an even more impressive £1 million!

It’s tough, even dear Shayne struggled on the shoot: ‘The photoshoot was a lot of fun; I must admit I ate quite a lot of the chocolate props along the way!’

That’s not quite in the spirit mate. Though there’s still a couple of weeks until March…

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So if you’re like us and are expecting nothing but solo Netflix for Valentine’s Day, what better way to hide the fact no one sent you any chocolates than to claim it’s training for March.

Oh, and it’s for a good cause. Goodbye Easter Bunny, you ain’t breaking any hearts around here.

To sign up visit bhf.org.uk/dechox and hashtag #DECHOX