Sheridan Smith supported by Caroline Flack during Twitter love split with Greg Wood

Sheridan Smith has reportedly split from boyfriend Greg Wood after a string of mystery tweets.

Sheridan, 34, has hinted on Twitter that she’s ended her relationship with Greg, 36. And according to The Sun, it’s because Greg secretly dated Tamara Wall, his Hollyoaks co-star, while he was still married to now-ex wife Catherine, who he has three kids with.

On Friday Sheridan tweeted, ‘Just been hurt by a idiot boy again but not gonna lower myself to his standards.‘ She later deleted the post.

Sheridan also tweeted, ‘Let’s give @tammiew a big shout out coz she’s so honest and lovely.’

She added, ‘The two married people who had affairs and now divorced can get together. I had nothing to do with it and well off out Rita.’

Tamara, who Catherine claims broke up her marriage to Greg, is now dating co-star Charlie Clapham who plays Freddie Roscoe in Hollyoaks.

Today a fan tweeted Sheridan, ‘You are gorgeous and won’t be alone for long,’ and she replied, ‘hope not x.

Sherdian – who says she’s stopped drinking and was sober when she sent the tweets – also posted, ‘Just spent my day off with my special Duckie. Hope I find someone like u one day day angel, u are few & far between Xxx‘.

She later tweeted, ‘I’m lucky to have such loyal good friends x thank you, u know who u are x

According to The Sun, Greg’s ex-wife Catherine told a friend, ‘I’m bloody delighted that Greg is getting a taste of his own meicine – having his heart broken. He’s lost everything but I know it’s his own doing and I’m glad that Sheridan has washed her hands of him.’

On Friday, Sheridan – who is being supported by close friend Caroline Flack – implied her tweets were not aimed at Greg. Replying to a user who posted a link to a story headlined ‘Unlucky-in-love Sheridan Smith hints at split with boyfriend Greg Wood’, Sheridan tweeted: ‘who said it was Greg daily fail!’

But now it seems the tweets were about Greg and the couple have split. There’ll be a queue of men lining up to date Sheridan as the most eligible woman in London. But we reckon she should stick to girls’ nights out for now!

Caroline Millington