Actress has had some dating disasters

Sheridan Smith has been single for three years and we’re not surprised that she’s off dating after some disastrous encounters in the past.

The actress, who recently played shy teacher Jenny in Channel 4 drama Dates, had a particularly bad experience to draw on for the part.

I was at a bar and the guy I was with was quite nervous, so he ordered a few cocktails and started to get quite drunk,’ says Sheridan, 31.

Later on, we wandered off and got on a busy night bus. We were rocking backwards and forwards, and suddenly he went green.

But before I could ask him if he was all right, he spewed red-coloured sick all over me! I never saw him again.’

Sheridan, who had a relationship with her Gavin And Stacey co-star James Corden before they split in 2009, admits she also once walked out on a date before it had even started.

I went on a double date with a friend once and when we turned up at the restaurant, the guy I was supposed to be with was wearing socks and sandals,’ the actress tells TV Magazine.

I made my excuses and left before we even got to the table.

I’m not usually bothered about things like that, but socks and sandals was a bit too much for me!’

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