Looks like talent runs in the family as Sheridan Smith's sibling performs on The Voice

Actress Sheridan Smith clearly isn’t the only talented member of her family as older brother Damian is set to appear on The Voice tonight.

Yup, whilst Sheridan continues to make her mark on the British acting scene, this weekend, 39-year-old Damian Dalton Smith is hoping to impress judges Rita Ora, Ricky Wilson, Tom Jones and Will.i.am.

Now THIS, we want to see!

Self-employed painter Damian, will be taking to the stage and performing his version of the popular Johnny Cash hit Folsom Prison Blue.

And he accidentally reveals that his famous sister has a big crush on judge Ricky, saying: ‘My sister fancies you.’

Apparently Ricky goes bright red!

Damian later said: ‘She’s a very proud sister, she’s over the moon. But when I told her what I’d told Ricky, she screamed down the phone, “Oh my god! How embarrassing!”.’

While Sheridan and Damian not only maintain a close relationship with each other (Sheridan even splashed out on a car for her bro), they are also close to their parents Colin and Marilyn. Sadly though, Sheridan and Damian‘s oldest sibling Julian passed away in 1990 after contracting cancer. This year he would have turned 44.

In fact, in 2011 Sheridan revealed that her first ever tattoo – a pair of angel wings and a halo etched onto her left inner wrist – was a tribute to Julian.
She’s also previously admitted that Julian’s death inspired her success. Could Julian be the driving force behind Damian too?

So what else do we know about Damian? (FYI – he’s OK-looking too!)

Well, Damian, who plays guitar, harmonica AND foot tambourine, has already made a name for himself on the music scene as the lead vocalist of a local Epworth band called The Torn. He’s not only performed at various festivals but the band’s music is actually available on iTunes. Yup, go check it out!

The Torn‘smusic has gained a bit of a celebrity fan base as chef Jamie Oliver actually heard a track from the band and chose to it feature on his Food Tube channel.


Damian also has loads of personal acoustic videos on his YouTube account and often shares them on his Twitter account, tagging sister Sheridan in the captions.

If we’re honest, both Damian AND Sheridan were destined for stardom as their parents used to make a living as a country and western duo called The Daltons.


* Tune in to BBC1 tonight at 7.15pm to catch Damian in action on The Voice.

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