Benedict gets inspiration for roles by observing

Benedict Cumberbatch might be a big star these days but he still likes to people-watch when he can.

The Sherlock star says his increasing fame hasn’t stopped him from observing others and seeking inspiration for roles when he’s in public.

‘I’m still the same guy walking to get my coffee and I can sit down and watch someone coming in to get their coffee,’ says Benedict, 36.

The actor, who star in sci-fi flick Star Trek Into Darkness, admits that it’s not always possible to do research for certain characters in everyday life.

‘You can’t watch someone arriving on horseback and leading a cavalry charge against machine guns,’ Benedict tells Metro.

‘You can’t watch somebody bewigged standing up in parliament in an era of abolishing slavery. You can’t even watch people who existed just before your time, say in the 1950s.

‘That’s why it’s helpful to have applied your imagination to things outside the realm of your experience.’

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Anna Francis