Benedict was a 'hyperactive nightmare' as a child

Benedict Cumberbatch has confessed that he did some very unruly things as a child.

The Sherlock star became known for his bad behaviour whilst at a boarding school in Sussex and he even once flashed a church congregation during a trip to Greece.

‘I used to expose myself in front of religious places,’ says Benedict, 36.

‘I was a very hot, bored boy and was surrounded by people who were older than me who were goading me.

‘So when they got bored or the football went through a stain-glassed window – not to be returned – they’d always get me to do pranks.’

Benedict was always up for a challenge.

‘So one day they said, “Go on, go on, go on. Pull your pants down!” Of course I did,’ the actors tells the Daily Mirror.

‘I obliged willingly, no pun intended.’

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