Benedict wore himself out with his endless energy

Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t make life easy for his parents when he was growing up.

The Sherlock star, whose mum and dad – Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton – are both well-known actors, says his endless energy made him difficult to deal with.

‘I was a pain in the arse,’ says Benedict, 36.

‘Show-off. Not malevolent – just disruptive. They tried to see if I could put all my energy to good, rather than just disrupting yet another lesson doing a silly voice.’

Benedict’s mum says her son became ‘skeletal’ as he used his energy up so fast and the actor admits that he rarely slowed down.

‘I had a very fast metabolism,’ he tells The Times Magazine.

‘They worried that I had a thyroid problem. I would arrive on the school steps drenched in sweat, because I would run there.

‘I never stopped.’

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