Benedict understands Sherlock Holmes' character

Benedict Cumberbatch thinks it’s okay that Sherlock Holmes doesn’t appear to have a sex drive.

The actor stars as the famed detective in the BBC’s modern-day drama Sherlock and he can understand his character’s unusual personality.

‘He’s repressed his sexual desire and a lot of other things in his life, simply because he doesn’t want to waste his time,’ says Benedict, 36.

‘The man’s too busy to have sex – that’s really what it is. Not every man has a sex drive that needs to be attended to.

‘Like a lot of things in his life where he’s purposely dehumanised himself, it’s to do with not wanting the stuff that is time-wasting, that’s messy.

‘That goes for certain relationships as well as sexual intimacy.’

Benedict is currently filming a third series of the hit show and he’s thrilled that the detective has become so popular.

‘When people stop you in the street and want to congratulate you on your work and express their joy at having seen you in the show you feel great,’ the actor tells The Sun.

‘His appeal is universal. He’s the ultimate outsider hero. He’s a very difficult, odd entity.

‘He’s got a God complex – he suspects he’s not human, and therefore everyone else is just a letdown to him.’

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