The actor is different from the characters he plays

Martin Freeman has admitted that he’s very different to the characters he plays.

The actor shot to fame as nice guy Tim Canterbury in The Office and now plays Benedict Cumberbatch‘s sidekick Dr John Watson in Sherlock.

But Martin doesn’t think he’s as pleasant as his alter egos.

If someone had a pint with me, they’d find out pretty quickly I’m not so nice,’ says Martin, 41.

I’m not Tim from The Office, although a lot of people still think I am. I have absolutely no problem telling someone to f*ck off.’

He might not be the friendliest person but Martin says he’s actually very happy, especially with the way his career is going.

Without sounding too luvvie about it, I have never been happier professionally,’ the actor tells The Independent.

I’d have been quite happy being known as “Tim from The Office” and now Bilbo Baggins [in The Hobbit] and John Watson have come along.

Sherlock is one of the biggest things I will do, ever – we could never have predicted that level of insanity around the series.

I think that gets me more fan mail than Bilbo. Not that I think I am the biggest deal in the universe.’

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