Friends star is getting broody now she's almost 40

Sheryl Crow has revealed that she’s discussed adoption with close pal Jennifer Aniston.

The Friends star, 39, is said to be getting broody now that her biological clock is ticking – and she’s considered opening her home to a disadvantaged child.

‘We’ve talked about it,’ says Sheryl. ‘For me, it has been the most incredible experience. I never knew how much love I would give and feel.’

Sheryl, 45, adopted 9-month-old baby boy Wyatt last year and says it’s the best thing she’s ever done.

‘There is supposed to be this traditional route for women where you have a husband, a house, a baby,’ she says. ‘That’s changing.

‘If you’re a woman with a big career and no husband, then you don’t have to not have a family. You just have to do it differently. You have to create your experience of life.’

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