Things are not looking good for TOWIEs golden couple...

Things look like they have all come crumbling down for TOWIE’s Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna if these photos of them in Marbella are anything to go by.

On Friday 30 September news broke that Pete had been texting an ex-fling of his Jacqui Ryland while on holiday with Megan in Barcelona.

Apparently, the text weren’t just a friendly, ‘Hiya, y’alright…’ type thing, but were more of the explicit, x-rated variety!

And guess what, Megan is flippin’ FURIOUS!


Not only has she taken to Twitter to attack Jacqui but now, new photos of her and Pete have emerged (see them above) and it doesn’t look like she took it on the chin!

The pair were spotted on a beach in Marbella and while, from the back, Pete, 26 looks as cool as a cucumber, Megan – who’s turned 24 this week – seems to be in tears and so angry she has gone the colour of beetroot!

She is seen angrily talking to Pete before seemingly storming off.

Poor Megs!

But we’re guessing, if the past is anything to go by, Pete has been getting a right dressing down.

Remember what Megan was like on Big Brother or Ex On The Beach – this isn’t a girl to sit and rationally talk things though. When she get’s angry, things kick off.

Oh Pete, we’d run if we were you!

Before the pictures emerged, here’s what Megan wrote on Twitter to mum-of-three Jacqui…

She also retweeted this…

It all stared then the Sun Online claimed they’d has seen all the texts between Pete and Jacqui that were so saucy they can’t print them.



Throughout their text exchange Pete apparently said he missed his time with Jacqui (who he used to date) and couldn’t wait to be home from his ‘boring’ trip away with Megan to Barcelona.

Pete also messaged explicitly about sex with Jacqui and spoke about breaking up with Megan.

Oh dear.

We think this is going to be a stormy ride!