Singer tries to sleep ahead of first tour date

Niall Horan seems very prepared for One Direction‘s mammoth Where We Are Tour.

The Irish star shared a picture of his incredibly organised suitcase yesterday after arriving in Bogota ready for the first show tonight.

Let’s see how long my suitcase stays that tidy!Niall, 20, captioned the snap on Instagram.

The singer’s T-shirts are folded and laid neatly on top of other items in the large trunk.

1D fans in Columbia are clearly excited about the boys’ upcoming performance and Niall has been stunned by their enthusiasm.

I can hear you guys singing outside ! This show is gona be crazy tomorrow right?’ the heartthrob Tweeted yesterday.

You guys have been waiting a long time for us to come here! Really appreciate your patience! Let’s have fun’

But when the excitable Directioners got a bit too loud later in the evening, Niall had to ask them to calm down so he could get some kip.

I honestly think this hotel is made of paper! Haha!’ Niall wrote on Twitter.

It feels like the people outside are in my room haha! Not a chance of sleep tonight

Guys! May I ask you to keep the noise down please ! All of our crew are tired! and we have a big day tomorrow! Don’t want to sound angry !

Thank you ! Much appreciated ! Big day for all tomorrow! Love you lots! Goodnight! Xxx’

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Anna Francis