Grant Bovey says he's unable to pay his personal debts

Anthea Turner‘s husband is to officially become bankrupt at a London court tomorrow.

Grant Bovey has 3 writs against him for more than £3million owed, he explains, to banks for company debts he had guaranteed.

The 48-year-old says he is unable to pay back the money following the collapse of his property businesses when the recession struck in 2008.

‘It’s humiliating and I feel that I’ve let Anthea down, that I’ve let my children down and everyone who had faith in me,’ says Grant.

‘It was a double whammy. Not only were the companies in trouble, but so was the bank behind them all. Almost overnight, it went like that.’

Anthea, 49, remains solvent because she has never been a director in Grant‘s failed companies.

‘We would be lying if we didn’t say that all of this has put a strain on us,’ she tells the Mail On Sunday.

‘Sometimes it feels like wading through treacle. Grant started taking sleeping pills because it’s the only way he gets some peace. I just kept cleaning. We have become tetchy with each other at times, but nothing has stopped our love.’

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