Britney Spears' ex allegedly fleed the scene of accident


Britney Spears‘ ex boyfriend Adnan Ghalib is being accused of ‘assault with a deadly weapon’ – his car.

On Monday the British photographer allegedly drove into a man who was trying to serve him court papers, then fled the scene.

The legal documents Adnan appeared keen to avoid related to the restraining order issued on 30 January to keep him away from Britney, 27.

‘[The process server] ended up on the hood of the car, then fell off when [Adnan] drove away, and ended up with scratches and bruises,’ Lieutenant Brian Whitten tells People.

‘[But] he’s not liable for arrest. We first need to get his side of the story.’

Adnan, 36, had no comment to make about the incident. 

Alison Adey