Rumours circulate in wake of Michael Jackson's death

Britney SpearsTwitter account was hacked into on Sunday.

The prankster then sent out a bogus message claiming the singer, 27, had died.

Britney has passed today,’ read the post. ‘It is a sad day for everyone. More news to come.’

Fortunately, Britney’s management were alerted and deleted it immediately.
‘The last message is obviously not true,’ they later wrote. ‘She is fine and dandy spending a quiet day at home relaxing.’

Hoaxers targetted celebrities in the wake of the deaths of Michael Jackson, 50, and Farrah Fawcett, 62.

Natalie Portman, 28, was said to have been killed in an accident on the set of her latest movie Swan Song.

And Harrison Ford, 66, was reported to have been on board a yacht that sank at sea.

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