Richard and Judy's daughter says she was 'stupid'

Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan’s daughter Chloe has apologised after she was snapped smoking what appears to be cannabis.

The pictures from a party in Norfolk last August were posted on social networking site Facebook, and were published in a tabloid at the weekend.

‘I am really sorry. I was really stupid. I regret doing what I did and have learnt my lesson,’ Chloe says in a statement.

‘I am really sorry for any embarrassment I have caused my family.’

In the past, Richard, 52, and Judy, 60, who also have son Jack, 22, have declared their kids are ‘incredibly anti-drugs’.

‘We’ve obviously spoken to Chloe and whilst we – like most parents – are aware that kids her age sometimes experiment, it is always a bad idea,’ they say.

‘However, she is an extremely sensible person, and now she knows that too.’

In October, the TV hosts admitted they had smoked marijuana in their youth.

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Alison Adey