Chris Junior and Sebastian have been living in Las Vegas for past 2 years


Chris Eubank’s eldest sons have been living in Las Vegas for the past 2 years, it has been revealed.

Irene Hutton, 51, was made legal guardian to Chris Junior, 18, and Sebastian, 16, in November 2006.

It’s claimed the bankrupt former boxer decided his sons could live with the single mum – a family friend – after they holidayed with her.

‘They loved staying out here and it became clear that they were not happy at home and did not see a future for themselves in Britain,’ Irene says.

‘After they flew home I got a call from Chris and the subject of me raising his boys came up. It sounds incredible – and it is.

‘It has been almost 2 years now since he gave me the children. In that time Chris has only been out here once to see them as far as I am aware.

‘He was adamant that the entire adoption was kept secret and initially I agreed. But after almost 2 years of no input from him I want the world to know what he is like.’

The adoption was formalised by a Nevada judge last July, reports claim.

Chris, 41, and ex wife Karron also have daughter Emily, 14, and son Joe, 11. They divorced in 2005.

Karron has visited her sons several times at their Nevada home.

‘They are there to go to school, get their trade and come home,’ she tells the Sunday People. ‘They are doing exceedingly well and a damn sight better than they would in England.

‘My former husband is without a home. He travels a great deal visiting his friends and acquaintances. He calls the children occasionally.’

Chris was unavailable for comment.