Singer formerly known as Darius Danesh now recovering in LA

Darius Campbell is lucky to be alive after being involved in a serious car crash.

The singer broke his neck when a Porsche he was travelling in skidded out of control and smashed into a wall.

The accident happened 3 weeks ago while Darius was on holiday in Spain.

‘It was absolutely terrifying,’ he tells the Daily Record: ‘I
thought that was going to be it. My life flashed before my eyes and I
thought I was going to die.’

Darius was treated at the Hospital Costa Del Sol, where doctors revealed that the break in his neck was just millimetres from
paralysing him.

He is now back in LA recovering and is wearing a brace. 

‘I’m happy to report that he’s absolutely fine and no operation is needed,’ his rep tells the Daily Mail.

‘He’s having some physio at present but that’s all and is raring to go with his new autumn tour.’