As Neon Jungle star Jess Plummer unveils a shock transformation, we look at other stars changing looks

After cutting off her long locks and uploading a shock selfie online, Neon Jungle star Jess Plummer has taken to Instagram to explain her dramatic transformation.

The singer explained how she felt ‘physically sick’ before posting the picture and spent a long time debating whether to debut her new look on the internet.

‘All morning I’ve been humming and arring about posting this picture, to the point I’ve made myself feel physically sick with nerves,’ she shared.

Revealing what inspired the change, she wrote how her mane was ‘so damaged’ from ‘years of heat and dye’ which had left her long gorgeous curls a ‘matted frizzy ginger mess’.

And as fans have supported the star after the picture caused quite the stir, we look back at other celebrities that have had surprising hair transformations.

In September Sheridan Smith unveiled a ‘liberating’ bold new pixie cut after shaving her hair off for her role in The C Word.

After shaving her head, Sheridan said: ‘It did upset me a little bit at the time, but it’s just hair – it’ll grow back.’

Anne Hathaway also lost her locks for her role as Fantine in Les Mis, and was left completely ‘inconsolable’ after the change.

‘I realised I couldn’t take it back,’ she said. ‘It had the effect of changing my identity. I was reduced to a mental patient level of crying!’

Jeez! We thought you looked quite cute, Anne.

Miley Cyrus caused controversy not just by chopping off her hair and bleaching it blonde in 2012, but by using the dramatic transformation as a turning point to shed her squeaky-clean child star image.

Actress Scarlett Johansson also shocked fans last summer by revealing an undercut, cropped bob with outraged Tweeters asking, ‘why has she done this?’ after hacking off seven inches of her long locks.

What do you make of these five stars’ transformations… for better or for worse?

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