TOWIE's Charlie Sims is NOT happy

Noooooooooo!! Our hearts are breaking at Now HQ after reading a series of Tweets from TOWIE star Charlie Sims suggesting he has not just left the show but has also split up with his long-term girlfriend Ferne McCann! Please say it isn’t so!?

Charlie has Tweeted that he’s leaving the hit ITVBe show after a series of fallouts with sister Chloe Sims in recent weeks. Chloe recently told him that her cousin Joey Essex had been a better brother to her than her actual brother. Harsh Chlo!

Last night saw the return of Charlie‘s cousin Frankie Essex where she comforted Chloe as she dealt with the growing tension between the two siblings, as well as Charlie‘s girlfriend, Ferne.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Charlie hinted at a potential spilt from not only the show but from his childhood sweetheart Ferne, 24, too.

Charlie, 23, Tweeted: ‘So sad to not loose one but two people you love dearly to a TV show. Everyone can point the finger at me.. But I have morals. And dignity and some sort of self respect. I wish @Chloe_Sims and @fernemccann the best with their lives. But always live knowing you chose the show.’

He added: ‘And finally to the @OnlyWayIsEssex… I won’t be taking part anymore. It’s time to grow up and move on. Wish everyone the best on the show!

And he didn’t stop there, concluding with an apparant dig at Chloe and Ferne: ‘Stay true to who you are. Today I became me the real Charlie Sims.. And so another chapter begins.

Charlie made his return to this current series of TOWIE last month after previously taking a break to focus on his deli which has recently open in Brentwood.

Sources close to the show have said that this has come out of the blue from Charlie and they’re trying to get to the bottom of his sudden departure from the show. They assume he has become too upset about the ongoing tension between him and his sister, Chloe.

In recent weeks Ferne – who has usually been the subject of Charlie‘s arguments with his sister – has been very supportive and encouraged Charlie to get back in contact with Chloe.

Whatever happens, Charlie and Ferne will always be one of the hottest couples in TOWIE and we hope they can work it out… now excuse us while we go and cry in the toilet!

WATCH! Watch Ferne McCann show us around Charlie’s deli



Sarah Bradbury