Tim Steel alleges he was seeing the glamour model at the same time as Sir Paul

A film editor has made wild and unsubstantiated claims that he was secretly having a relationship with Heather Mills for 6 months while she was dating husband-to-be Sir Paul McCartney.

Tim Steel, 45, says he met Heather 3 years before she charmed Macca, 65, at a bravery awards ceremony in May 1999.

Heather and Paul then began dating in August, but Tim alleges he and the former lingerie model were still an item until February 2000 when she jetted out to meet the ex-Beatle for a luxury holiday on the private island of Parrot Cay.

‘Marriage to him opened lots of doors for her,’ Tim tells The News Of The World.

‘I suppose I was flattered that Heather still wanted to have sex with me despite being pursued by this musical demi-god.

‘I guess I hung around because I really didn’t think Heather and Paul would last.

‘He was an old bloke and I knew what Heather was like. She was only in love with what Paul could do for her. She loved the idea of being Lady McCartney.’

Sir Paul and Heather, 40 – who married in 2003 – will meet in court for a 5-day closed hearing tomorrow to settle the terms of their divorce.

‘Heather will fight Paul tooth and nail to get what she wants,’ says Tim. ‘She’s going for the jugular and won’t shy away from fighting dirty to win.

‘With a click of the fingers, she can switch from smiles to tears. I hope Paul and his legal team know what they’re up against and are ready for her.’

Heather Mills was unavailable for comment.

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