The Hills stars sneak off to elope in Mexico


Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Mexico.

The couple, who rose to fame on US show The Hills, jetted off to Cabo San Lucas to exchange vows.

And Heidi didn’t even tell her mum.

‘I called her right before the ceremony, sort of hinted that something that happened, but her reaction was to ask me if we were breaking up!’ she tells Us Weekly.

‘I told her it might be something else, and she said, “Well, if you ever plan on getting married just know that your stepdad is really upset that you want your father to walk you down the aisle.”

‘She was starting so much drama, it kind of pushed me toward wanting to get married without that. I don’t know when I’ll tell her.’

Heidi, 22, and Spencer, 25, got engaged last year after eight months together.


Alison Adey