Jodie Marsh is so sick of being mistreated by men, she's made a self-imposed sex ban. For the past four years.

 Jodie Marsh has sensationally revealed she hasn’t had sex for FOUR YEARS!

The Essex-born former- glamour model made the startling confession on This Morning.

Jodie gained notoriety in the early noughties and made tabloid headlines for her boisterous sex life, skimpy outfits and rants against Jordan, aka Katie Price – the two waged war against each other. She’s since turned herself into a body builder – but has now made a documentary about male escorts, which she was promoting on the ITV morning programme.

Talking about her investigations for the documentary, Jodie said she even went so far as to hire an escort herself, when she admitted: ‘I’ve been celibate for four years.

‘At the beginning of the date I found it quite awkward at first. He was quite tactile and with me being celibate, and not wanting anything like that, he was in my space a bit and I wasn’t entirely comfortable with [it]. But by the end of the date I would definitely, definitely use an escort again.’

She continued, ‘If I wanted to go to an event or a party, I don’t want to be the older single woman on my own… We have this thing in England, I think, where women feel threatened of other single women when it’s a room full of couples and you’re single. If you’re there with a fella, people don’t see you as a threat.

‘Would I recommend it? Absolutely. If the situation is right and if you’re emotionally in control of your feelings. I’m really shocked [that no Brits came forward to talk about it].’

If there’s one thing we’re used to seeing from Jodie, it’s controversy. But who would have thought the woman who once looked for a husband on a reality TB show, Totally Jodie Marsh: Who’ll Take Her Up the Aisle?, has chosen a four-year sexual dry spell?

Explaining that there are 44,000 male escorts registered in the UK – a trend that is growing – Jodie added, ‘Not a single woman [I spoke to] admitted to using them! […] British people are not just reserved, they just do not want to speak openly about anything.’

This Morning hosts Philip Schofield and Amanda Holden quizzed Jodie on her celibacy. ‘It’s because of men,’ she shrugged. ‘I’d just had enough… I don’t trust anyone, I can’t meet anyone nice… but I do want to meet someone nice. If there’s someone out there watching…!”

We bet the offers will come flooding in, Jodie!

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