Mary Poppins star was born after her mum had an affair

Julie Andrews has revealed that the man she thought was her father was not her biological dad.

In her new autobiography, Home: A Memoir of My Early Years, the Sound Of Music star confesses that she was the product of a brief extra-marital affair.

Julie’s mum Barbara had a fling with a mystery man while married to Ted Wells, who the actress, 72, grew up thinking was her dad.

Julie says she’s known of the secret since she was 14, after she briefly, and unexpectedly, met her real father, who she describes as ‘tall and fleshily handsome’.

‘I remember feeling an electricity between us that I couldn’t explain,’ she writes in the memoirs.

But Julie, who later discovered that Ted knew the truth all along, never quizzed her mum about the full details.

‘I was able to push it to a dark corner of my mind,’ she explains.

When Julie’s mum split from her first husband, she married variety performer Ted Andrews and her daughter took his surname.

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