Cheryl Cole's husband horrified that someone was pretending to be him


Ashley Cole has been left red-faced after a model accidentally received naked pictures of him.

The Chelsea star – who is married to X Factor judge Cheryl, 26 – has revealed that someone found the photos on an old mobile phone and forwarded them to Sonia Wild.

The fraudster then pretended to be Ashley in a series of saucy texts to the 28-year-old.  

‘I can’t believe I gave a phone away that still had stuff in its memory,’ he says.

‘I thought I’d deleted it. It seems I was wrong as someone has used it to pretend to be me.’

Ashley, 29, took the pictures last summer while staying at a hotel with the England squad.

Sonia received the first photos on 9 June 2009 and replied in kind with her own saucy videos for over a month.

‘At first I didn’t believe I was actually in touch with Ashley Cole,’ she tells The Sun. ‘But next thing I knew I received a picture of him lying in bed on my phone.

‘I’d had a few glasses of wine and before long the texts got hotter and hotter until we began exchanging sexy images on our phones.

‘Whoever it was sent one full frontal one of his muscly torso…I sent back video footage recorded on my phone of myself naked and doing sexy things for him. At the time it was a laugh and a bit of a thrill for me.’ 

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