Singer performs bizarre gig at East London's Rhythm Factory


Pete Doherty shocked fans at a gig on Wednesday when he took to the stage with a bloodied nose.

The singer, who blamed the injury on a ‘kitten scratch’, was performing a solo set at East London’s Rhythm Factory.

But revellers couldn’t help noticing Pete’s bizarre behaviour.

At times the 28-year-old is said to have just gazed into the distance and even told photographers not to snap him from the right side.

‘It was disgusting and many of us had a real shock when Pete came on stage,’ an onlooker tells the Daily Star.

‘His right nostril was oozing a bloody red colour. It must have been a big cat if that is what caused the mark.

‘He looked really unwell and was all pasty and sweaty. And at one stage his eyes were all over the place.

‘It was quite concerning considering he’s recently had a spell in rehab. His fans were worrying about his health and only hope he hasn’t veered off his recent health kick.’

Pete was named Hero Of The Year at last night’s NME Awards at London’s O2.

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