Glamour model spotted sunbathing with lumpy, swollen breasts


Jordan has been snapped on holiday with lumpy, swollen breasts.

The glamour model was sunbathing topless in Sydney, Australia, when onlookers noticed a circle of stitches around her right nipple.

‘Some would say she’s butchered herself for fame and fortune,’ says Harley Street plastic surgeon Alex Karidis.

‘If she came to me tomorrow looking for unnecessary surgery I would turn her down.

‘It’s not the result the surgeon will have been looking for,’ he tells the News Of The World.

‘The nipple’s been moved upwards a full inch. It looks like some of the old nipple’s been left behind.

‘There’s no question it’s been caused by the uplift [breast reduction].’

In December, Jordan, 29, flew to the States to have her 4th boob job – to reduce her 32FF boobs to a more modest 32D.

But she has admitted she is unhappy with the results and is due to have a corrective operation later this year.

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Alison Adey