Find out what Hannah Martin (AKA actress Rebecca Ritters) and the rest of the old-school Neighbours gang (including Harold & Madge Bishop!) are up to now...

We didn’t even realise how much we missed Hannah from Neighbours until the good old internet brought her back into our lives!

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You remember Hannah, right? She was the curly-haired, kinda geeky daughter of Philip and Julie Martin, and the step-sister of bulimic Debbie and evil Michael. After her mum died in a freak Murder Mystery weekend accident, she had a brief fling with Lance before her dad and his mum got together and married, making them step-brother and sister. AWKWARD.

But all that’s in the past, because now Hannah (or Rebecca Ritters, the actress that played her) has quit acting, moved to Berlin and looks incredibly serious and sophisticated – as her Twitter profile picture proves!

The former child star now works as a producer and journalist in the German city, having given up acting ‘a long time ago’.

And, with her dark-rimmed glasses, foreign paper and glass of red on the go, it’s clear that Rebeccas’s put Hannah well and truly behind her.

And she’s not the only one who’s changed!


More than 30 years after the Robinsons, Ramsays, Kennedys, Mangels and Bishops first graced our screens, we feel it’s time to have a nostalgia moment. Check out what your favourite characters look like now and read all about their post-Erinsborough life…

Harold Bishop – played by Ian Smith

Harold Bishop might have been a fusspot and a master at pottering about, but he – and his tuba – were at the centre of one of Neighbours’ biggest dramas. Remember when he disappeared in 1991 and was presumed dead. MEGA DRAMZ. Erinsborough’s busy-body reappeared, however, and stayed on to become the show’s veteran until 2008.

Ian’s stated his reason for quitting the show six years ago was the abuse he was receiving from mouthy teenagers. Since then, apart from the few odd appearance on I’m A Celeb and Loose Women, he’s kept himself to himself.

Madge Bishop – played by Anne Charleston

Gravel-voiced Madge was Ramsay Street’s mother figure throughout the 90s. In typical matriarch style, she survived hubby Harold’s disappearance, long-time suitor Lou’s advances and even the temporary loss of her sight. Sadly, Madge then lost her fight with cancer in 2001, bowing out in one of the show’s best tear-jerking farewells.

Since quitting Neighbours for good Anne’s been a sitcom star in the Caroline Aherne-penned Dossa And Joe, camped it up in panto and returned to the world of soaps during a stint in Emmerdale. She’s also taken to the stage in the buff as a Calendar Girls star. Good on yer, Madge.

Jim Robinson – played by Alan Dale

Is it wrong that we now fancy Alan, in a hot ‘older dad’ way? He made his on-screen debut as Jim Robinson in the soap’s first episode, which was broadcast on 18 March 1985. Jim was the patriarch of the Robinson family, was married to his childhood sweetheart Anne, and had five kids. Sadly the stress of all the family feuding took its toll on Jim and he suffered a heart attack, collapsed on the kitchen floor, and died in 1993.

Since then he has had roles in many American series including prominent parts in The O.C. (as Caleb Nicol) and Ugly Betty (as Bradford Meade) as well as recurring and guest roles in Lost, 24, NCIS, ER, The West Wing, The X Files and Entourage. Dale has also appeared in minor roles in films such as Star Trek Nemesis, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He’s also done a stint on the stage for the West End show Spamalot. Dale has been married to former Miss Australia Tracy Pearson since 1990 and has four kids.

Joe Mangel – played by Mark Little

Typical beer-loving Aussie bloke Joe Mangel was a fan of the simple life, but while he might have been a tad rough round the edges he was a well-loved character. As well as being the owner of the widely-adored dog Bouncer, Joe was a devoted family man, who fought tooth and nail for custody of Sky, and lover of cowboy hats. He suffered the heartbreak of losing his wife Kerry in a freak shooting accident.

Mark’s popularity on Neighbours led to him becoming the replacement for Chris Evans when he bowed out of 90s phenomenon The Big Breakfast. Post-early mornings, Mark has performed in a number of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, on stage and in films and has branched out into stand up comedy.

Henry Ramsay – played by Craig McLachlan

Mix a hot bodies pin-up with a poodle and Erinsborough’s answer to Del Boy, and Henry Ramsay is what you get. He’s what we’d now call a wide boy with an array of get-rich-quick schemes and a serious eye for the ladies. When he wasn’t stealing hearts, or failing to become a millionaire, Henry was playing practical jokes.

After the ultimate betrayal of a stint on Neighbours’ rival, Home And Away, Craig launched a pop career but it didn’t really reach the top a-la-Kylie. He did however use it to launch into the theatre where he play Danny in Grease in the West End. He also appeared in Dancing On Ice before returning back to Australia where he continues to act.

The Alessi Twins – played by Gayle and Gillian Blakeney

The ultimate soap twins, Caroline and Christina Alessi arrived in Erinsborough under the witness protection scheme and lived a difficult double life. Yes, really. They were told to pretend to be one person, Linda Giles, and the troubled twosome’s trick was only discovered after a few months of confusion. The pair then went on to both have romantic dalliances with Paul Robinson. Christina was the one who finally married Paul, but she soon found out about Caroline’s affair and hit the roof. Caroline did a runner, Christina finally forgave Paul and they moved from Ramsay Street to run a hotel in Hawaii then Brazil.

After Neighbours, Gayle and Gillian Blakeney haven’t had much success. Their attempts at cracking the charts post-Neighbours was a decided flop, so after hosting Take Your Pick in the UK the pair moved to the States to find acting work, and still live there today.

Billy Kennedy – played by Jesse Spencer

Hands up whose first crush was on the blonde-haired heartthrob, Billy Kennedy. Billy joined the street in 1994, son to Karl and Susan Kennedy and brother to Mal and Libby and ooh, was he dreamy. Hannah Martin had a HUGE crush on him as well, and we enjoyed his mischievous adventures with Toadie, which involved losing a baby and starting a pirate radio station. Sadly, Billy fell in love with Anne Wilkinson, not us, and after he moved away to be a carpenter she then moved to be with him. Cute. Billy left the show in 2000.

From 2004 to 2012, Jesse played Dr. Robert Chase on the medical drama House. He portrayed Chase for the show’s entire run, becoming the second longest-serving member of the title character’s team. In 2012, Spencer began starring as Lt. Matthew Casey in the drama Chicago Fire.

Flick Scully – played by Holly Valance

Holly made her Erinsborough debut in October 1999 as Felicity ‘Flick’ Scully. A lot of her story line surrounded her pursuit of men, including Billy Kennedy.

She left the soap in 2002 and released her first album, Footprints, which included the single Kiss Kiss, where she danced around in a bejewelled bodysuit. Her music wasn’t a huge success but Holly also took part in the 2011 series of Strictly Come Dancing and came forth.

On 29 September 2012 Valance married British property developer Nick Candy in Beverley Hills, California. In November 2013 Holly gave birth in London to their first child, a daughter, Luka Violet Toni Candy.

Karl Kennedy – played by Alan Fletcher

Karl Kennedy is another fanciable-dad on the show, who seems to make women swoon both on, and off, camera. Alan made his first screen appearance as Karl during the episode broadcast on 20 September 1994. Karl was given the job of local GP, while he wife Susan became a teacher at Erinsborough High. The pair had a turbulent marriage. Karl cheated on his wife twice, they broke up, got divorced but later reunited and re-married. Karl is still a veteran of the show and still stars in it on Channel 5.

Toadfish Rebecchi – played by Ryan Moloney 

Jarrod Vincenzo Rebecchi joined the Ramsay Street family in 1995 and became the heavy-handed, mischevious, class-clown of Erinsborough High. Nicknamed Toadie, he was the bad-boy-turned-good, and loved by everyone who watched him but slightly unlucky in love. Eventually he fell for Steph Scully and the pair got hitched. Toadie is still one of the most lovable characters in the show.

Lydia Southern