Err, Lily Allen just shared a little too much with her followers


We’d hardly describe Lily Allen as a shrinking violent but we have to say even we were surprised to see her posting a picture of a sex toy on Instagram recently!

The Air Balloon singer posted a snap yesterday of a suitcase full of various bits of pieces including books, trainers, headphones and, erm, a bright pink sex toy.

Lily was clearly in the process of packing for her 30th birthday celebrations tomorrow as she captioned the picture, ‘#lilys30thbdaybash’ but what part the sex toy is going to play in proceedings remains a mystery.

Naturally it didn’t take long for her eagle eyed followers to started noticing the odd addition to the suitcase.

‘That’s a dildo…’ one person wrote while another fan tried to cover up for Lily writing, ‘That’s not a sex toy, it’s a um, a micro flamingo. Yea. That’s what it be.’

Hmmm… sorry, we’re not buying the flamingo line we’re afraid!

The mum of two quickly posted another picture of the suitcase, this time with the sex toy covered up with a giant emoticon-style cushion however she left the original photo up for all to see so she can’t have been too embarrased by it. 

Lily – who spent the last few weeks in LA before flying back to the UK this week – is due to celebrate her big 3-0 this weekend but ahead of the festivities the singer found time for a quick change of hair style.

Over recent months we’ve lost count of the amount of different hair colours 29 year old Lil has tried and now it seems that she’s decided to shake things up again with a florescent pink and green dye job. 

Showing off her new hair colour on Instagram Lily wrote, ‘Not long till I’m 30, one last hurrah on the hair front. Watermelon hurr dun care #funkytintlives’.

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