It was a glittering evening with her friends, so why so sad Victoria Beckham?

Monday night saw Eva Longoria host the Global Gift Gala at the Four Seasons Hotel in London, with her best mate Victoria Beckham in tow.

The gala was to raise money for shelter and medical care for vulnerable people, particularly women and children, and was a star-studded evening.

The hilarious ex-Desperate Housewives actress had the guests in hysterics with her jokes all night – including quips made about her and VB‘s dodgy past haircuts, but nothing could make Posh Spice look anything other than completely miserable. Oh come on Vix babe, the blonde pob was pretty iconic at the time.

Looking at pictures from the event and the red carpet, Victoria Beckham looks extremely tense.

Her body is frozen in one position and she stands so awkwardly on the red carpet as she poses for pictures that it would be easy to think this was her nerve-wracking first time, rather than the seasoned pro she is.

Even as she poses with Eva and Ricky Martin (yes Ricky Martin), she just appeared to cower behind them, rather than relax, look like she’s enjoying herself, or God forbid even smile.

We know Victoria isn’t a smiler, but she’s gone from a sassy Posh pout, to full-on gloom. We feel like we need to watch Mary Poppins on loop just to get over the look on her face.

The misery continued inside the gala as she posed for more pictures with friends. Even as she stood next to her hairdresser and long-term pal Ken Paves, Victoria stood frozen in an uncomfortable and dour position, looking like she was being forced to work on a labour camp rather than attend an amazing event for a good cause.

We’re used to Victoria looking slender but on the evening she was even dwarfed by Eva and Nicole Scherzinger who are both very petite, slim women.

Fans are clearly concerned. @AnyaASheeran wrote on Twitter: ‘Victoria Beckham always looks so moody,’ while @Lou4u1 commented ‘why does she always pose like a model on a foto shoot , be natural girl !’

We love Victoria Beckham and her charisma so often brings such a spark to pictures, but last night was not one of them.

What are your thoughts?

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Lauren Franklin