The no make-up selfie was scary enough, these celebrities are even braver

The Vamps hottie James McVey did something most boybanders would NEVER do – he revealed a photo of an acne breakout on the side of his face, which is usually covered with make-up.

Along with the snap – as if this wasn’t brave enough – James wrote a whooole paragraph about embracing imperfections and accepting one’s flaws, quoting ‘My name is James and I have acne. What’s your name?‘ #AbsoluteHero

This is not the first time James, 20, has opened up about his acne. Before joining The Vamps he started his own Tumblr lifestyle blog called ‘Progress’. And even after being thrust into the public eye, he still writes on the page to talk publicly about his imperfections – just to help others:

So in the morning when you’re in the bathroom looking into the mirror wanting to go back to bed and hide, remember that hundreds of thousands of people your age are probably doing exactly the same thing! Trust me, I’m one of them sometimes!

But James‘ isn’t the only celebrity who has stripped back to reveal their skin flaws. He is part of a growing trends of stars who are taking spot selfies to reassure followers that no matter how rich, famous or gorgeous you are, you can still have skin issue.

Here are five celebs who have taken to social media to reveal their spots:

1. James ‘Shakespeare’ McVey

Along with his revealing snap, James wrote:

‘We all have scars, those dark memories that torment us, yet it’s not about forgetting them; it’s about recognising that these scars are what constitute your very being, what makes you who you are today. Never forget, simply acknowledge that others are experiencing this transition with you, and it’s down to you to help those who are struggling. My name is James and I have acne. What’s your name?’

2. Lorde

When Lorde saw pics of herself, edited to make her usually troubled skin look flawless, she wanted to make the point that celebs aren’t always as perfect as they might appear.

I find this curious – two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. Remember flaws are OK

3. AnnaLynne McCord


90210 babe AnnaLynne might seem like an image of perfection, but look closely and you can see that she sometimes get spots just as big as ours.

4. Cameron Diaz

Dream BFF Cameron shows she’s just a normal woman once again as she uploads this make-up free pic onto Instagram, where you can clearly see her acne scars. And you know what? She still looks STUNNING.

5. Millie Mackintosh

The Mac showed us her bedtime beauty regime recently, which involves coating her spots in Malin + Goetz suphur cream. We’ve all been there Mills! Although our choice of cream was probably a bit cheaper than yours… *Cough* toothpaste. Who said that?

Celebs, we think you look beautiful regardless.

Who said spots aren’t sexy? Embrace it, people!

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