Snap apparently shows actor's corpse in hotel room

David Carradine‘s family have threatened to take legal action after images of what appeared to be the actor’s body were printed in a Thai newspaper.

The Kill Bill star, 72, was found naked inside a wardrobe with a cord around his neck and wrists in a Bangkok hotel room on 3 June.

‘The family is outraged. I will go after any publication for invasion of privacy if the photos are run in the US,’ says attorney Mark Geragos, who represents David’s brother Keith Carradine.

Meanwhile, David’s lawyer has cast doubt on claims he died while taking part in a sex game and vehemently denied he took his own life.

‘I believe that there may have been foul play,’ his lawyer Vicki Roberts tells the Daily Express. ‘Anybody could stage a suicide after murder.’

David’s body has now been flown back to the States where it will be examined by an independent pathologist.