The X Factor winner is said to be devastated

Alexandra Burke’s little brother is recovering after taking an overdose.

Aaron Burke, 16, was rushed to Wittington Hospital in north London after he was found semi-conscious at his home in Islington.

He had apparently taken a deadly combination of pills and painkillers.

‘Yes, it’s true that it happened,’ his mum Mellisa Bell reveals. ‘All we’re focusing on now is supporting both Aaron and Alexandra.’

It’s thought Aaron took eight tablets that belonged to his disabled mother to slow her heart rate, six ibuprofen pills and six Lemsips.

‘Aaron is quite a private individual but has always confided in Alexandra,’ an insider tells the News Of The World.

‘This whole incident has come out of the blue and Alexandra is devastated that she didn’t see it coming.

‘Aaron is on the road to recovery again but the whole family now realise that they need to rally around him and make sure that he gets better.’

Alexandra, 20, won the The X Factor last year.

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