CBB winner Charlotte Crosby's told to stay off the booze – or risk major organ damage

She’s turned being drunk on TV into a career – and got so inebriated on Celeb Big Brother that she wet the bed in her sleep.

But now Geordie Shore‘s Charlotte Crosby has had a much ruder awakening, with doctors warning: ‘If she doesn’t stop, she could die.’

The reality star, 22, previously admitted to Now that she drinks ‘half a litre of vodka every night and then shots’ when out with her MTV castmates.

Just the vodka alone equates to 20 units a night – nearly seven times the daily recommendation!

Although Charlotte insists she’s cut down since winning CBB in the summer, Harley Street doctor Mark Silvert tells Now: ‘Drinking over three times the recommended units of alcohol every week could lead to irreversible liver damage and structural damage to the heart. ‘

‘If Charlotte‘s drinking 20-plus units in one sitting regularly, she could badly affect every part of her body – from her digestive tract to the heart and liver.

‘And there’s a risk she could get so intoxicated that she might die from choking on her own vomit – this could happen if she got sick while semi-conscious.’

‘s reps declined to reveal how many units she’s drinking now.

But they did say she managed to quit booze for the whole of October, apart from one night, for Macmillan‘s Stoptober appeal.

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