Former EastEnders star hopes to make a full recovery in her cancer battle

Wendy Richard has slammed reports that she has terminal cancer.

The former EastEnders actress was left devastated when it was reported that she hadn’t got long to live and says she has every chance of making a full recovery.

‘The stories in the papers really upset me,’ she admits. ‘It’s not as bad as they’re saying. No one has said I am terminally ill.

‘I start chemo next week and, because I’ve never had it before, my oncologist says I can get the full effect from the treatment. So fingers crossed it will do the job.’

Wendy, 65, tied the knot with partner John Burns, 45, last week.

‘It’s been a very last-minute rush job!’ she tells OK!. ‘We always thought there was no hurry to get married, we were quite happy as we were.

‘But now I’m ill, you never know what’s going to happen. So we just brought [the wedding] forward.’

The couple – who have been together for 10 years – plan to honeymoon after Wendy finishes chemotherapy.

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