From Lucy throwing red wine at Mario to Lauren pushing Mark into the pool - here's the best ever TOWIE love bust ups

Following the reports that Pete Wicks has been a very naughty boy, we’re predicting the meltdown to end all meltdowns from Megan McKenna. It’s also reminded us of some of our favourite TOWIE bust-ups, so we’ve rounded up the best for you to enjoy…

Mario and Lucy

It’s one of the most iconic moments of the show, ever! Mario Falcone and Lucy Mecklenburgh came to blows in June 2013 – a month after she called off their two-year relationship. Despite the fact Italian stallion Mario, 28, confessed to cheating on 25-year-old Lucy, he still had the cheek to call her a ‘sl*g’ during filming for the Marbella special.

Which was a bad move, because Mario ended up with a glass of red wine in his face and all over his white shirt. We love you Maz, but Lucy SLAYED.

Mark and Lauren G

Following up with an equally memorable moment: series two of the Essex-based reality show ended in a splash when Lauren Goodger blew up at then-fiancé Mark Wright. Lauren, 29, was not happy when Mark banned her from attending a pool party he was throwing, so she showed up anyway.

But Mark, also 29, wasn’t having it and the former lovebirds had a huge row in front of everyone. It was Lauren who had the last laugh when she sent Mark for a very unexpected dip in the pool.

Gemma and Arg

Iconic is the only word we can use to describe this moment between Gemma Collins and James Argent. In 2012, the GC was left fuming when she found out Arg had been discussing their relationship with the boys.

So, during a pool party in Marbs, Gemma sassily marched up to Arg, undid her sarong and let it fall to the floor, before telling him: ‘Take a look at this, because you ain’t ever gonna get this candy.’ AMAZING!

Jess and Ricky

They were one of the longest-standing TOWIE couples for a while, but Jess Wright was left heartbroken in October 2014 when she discovered Ricky Rayment had been messaging other girls behind her back.

Cue a HUGE showdown between the pair, with Ricky confessing: ‘I haven’t been in a good place with you, so I have been flirting with other girls.’

Jess clapped back: ‘If you thought our relationship was in a s***place then, it’s in an even worse one now because we’re done – forever!’ And Ricky was (probably) rushed straight to the burns unit…

Lewis and Lauren P

When Lauren Pope approached Lewis Bloor to talk about their three-month relationship, he let rip. While filming in Ibiza, Lauren heard rumours that Lewis had been sleeping around – and he didn’t even try to deny it.

He then blasted: ‘You’re behaving like a 16-year-old when you’re double the age. Actually, you’re probably more than double 16. It’s time you got your passport out so we can all see how old you really are. You’re probably about 40. Who wants to date a 40-year-old?’ Not cool, Lewis.

Kirk and Lauren P

After splitting from Lauren Pope, Kirk Norcross tried to move on by taking Lucy Mecklenburgh out for dinner. But, shockingly, he ended up in the same restaurant as Lauren and her pal Maria Fowler.

Unsurprisingly the encounter ended in chaos, with Kirk delivering one of the best lines of the entire show: When Maria tried to get involved with his and Lauren’s argument, Kirk spat: ‘Oi, shut up you, you’re just a f**king extra!’ LOL.