Do these guys suit long or short 'dos better?

Plenty of celebrities have given long male hair a go.

The VIP men we’ve gathered in our gallery have all rocked flowing locks at some point. In fact, a few are even known for their lengthy ‘dos.

For example, ex-goalkeeper David Seaman spent years with a dark ponytail and we had to dig deep in the vaults of television to find a snap of Russell Brand with cropped curtains.

In the picture we discovered, he’s a clean-shaven teen in a 1994 episode of The Bill.

For each star on our list, we’ve compared an image of their short cut to a photo of them with long male hair.

We first show a groomed Chris Hemsworth shooting Cyber in LA on 13 June 2013. If you read on, you’ll find an earlier shot of the actor with shoulder-skimming blond waves on the set of The Avengers.

He’s not the only celebrity who’s changed his look for a role.

Johnny Depp sports dreadlocks in the Pirates Of The Caribbean films and Alan Rickman works an ebony bob to become Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series.

George Clooney, Antonio Banderas, Viggo Mortensen, Leonardo DiCaprio and James Franco are also among the guys who’ve grown out their bouffants for work or worn wigs on screen.

Others sport long male hair as a style statement. Brad Pitt keeps his mane at chest level for a number of years and Harry Styles pairs his curls with rocker outfits.

Those who’ve briefly experimented with the look include Douglas Booth, Colin Farrell and Shia LaBeouf.

Of course, comb-worthy bristles were very fashionable when some of these men decided not to attend any salon appointments for a while.

You’ll see Pat Sharp with a well-remembered manly mullet in 1991 and Meatloaf working tumbling textured strands in 1987.

Read on to see more pictures of VIP men with long male hair