Kate and Pippa competed over boys

For years Pippa Middleton‘s been overshadowed by her big sister Kate, who’s been loved-up with Prince William for nearly a decade.

But within minutes of arriving at Westminster Abbey in that dress, Pippa, 27, overtook her sister to become the most sought-after Middleton.

Pippa‘s relationship with her sister Kate, 29, is clearly a close one – but that wasn’t always the case.

Pippa was always more liked at school than Kate because she was very outgoing while Kate was more of a loner,’ an insider tells Now.

‘This led to a bit of friction between them and Pippa would sometimes take pleasure in winding her up.

‘Things got better by the time Kate was 18 as she’d be invited to parties and Pippa would always want to tag along.

‘As always, all the attention would go to Pippa and she’d compete with her sister over boys.

‘In fact, Kate tended to get dating advice from her little sister.’

Read the full story about Pippa and Kate Middleton in Now magazine dated 16 May 2011 – out now!

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Now cover 16 May 2011

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