Former lovers won't meet up at BAFTAs

It’s a moment that every girl dreads – coming face to face with an ex.

And the situation’s made a million times more awkward if your initial liason was of the ill-advised kind.

Fortunately for Sienna Miller, 25, she has an army of minions to keep her from bumping into Daniel Craig, 38, at the Orange British Academy awards in London this Sunday.

It will be the first time they’ve set eyes on each other at a public event since Jude Law found out about their fling.

A source tells The Sun: ‘Sienna has agreed to present a gong, but organisers have been told she is not to give an award for Casino Royale to avoid an embarassing scene.

‘It will be like a military operation to keep them apart.’

We don’t blame you, Sienna. We’d pull out all the stops to avoid being left red-faced in public too.