Actress spotted with Brothers And Sisters star

Sienna Miller is said to be getting friendly with married actor Balthazar Getty.

The actress, 26, has been snapped with the Brothers And Sisters star in Hollywood.

‘Sienna got to know Balthazar through Matthew [Rhys] and they hit it off,’ a source reveals.

‘In the past three months they have grown incredibly close.

‘And she’s spent this week in a Hollywood house with him.’

But Balthazar, 33 – who has 4 kids with wife Rosetta – says he’s not having an affair with the star.

‘It’s not true,’ he tells the Daily Mail. ‘No truth, no truth to any of that.’

Sienna – who split from Rhys Ifans earlier this month – was first seen with Balthazar last Tuesday when they stopped at a petrol station.

And new photos have emerged that appear to show the pair hugging.

Before he was married, Balthazar was romantically linked with Drew Barrymore and Milla Jovovich.

Sienna’s rep was unavailable for comment. 

Alison Adey