Actress is incredibly superstitious

Sienna Miller has admitted that she’s rather superstitious.

The actress has developed some bizarre rituals to comfort herself in times of stress.

I have to sleep on the left side of the bed – I just have to, and if I don’t it feels weird,’ says Sienna, 32.

I’m quite superstitious. When I get onto a plane I have to kiss my hand three times and tap the plane three times.

If I didn’t do that and the plane went down I’d know it was my fault.’

Sienna – who has one-year-old daughter Marlowe with fianc√© Tom Sturridge – became even more obsessed with her routine when something bad happened the time she didn’t do it.

My father actually grabbed my hand once and refused to let me do it to prove a point,’ the mum-of-one tells Event Magazine.

And we went through the worst turbulence that either of us has ever experienced, and I looked at him and thought, “See, I knew this would happen!”‘

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