Actress laments lack of sisterhood

Sienna Miller is tired up of being judged by other women.

The actress has been heavily criticised by those who believe she ‘stole’ separated father-of-4 Balthazar Getty, 33, from his wife.

I’ve been at war, without a doubt, says Sienna. I have really experienced the judgment of women in the past year. Its women who are holding us back. Its women who are judging. I find it sad.

We say we want to be on an equal path, but men don’t sit around bitching at each other. Its very competitive. There’s no sisterhood.

But Sienna, 27, realises she’s made a few cock-ups.

Ive learnt from some mistakes and got to know myself better, she tells Style. When I was 23, I kept thinking, But Im only 23. But Ive turned 27. Im a grown-up. No more excuses.

You become less impulsive. You dont live life from such an emotional place. Its important to start using your head. Decisions that are a bit tougher shouldnt be taken impulsively.

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