Playing Warhol muse made me an emotional wreck, she says

Sienna Miller has told of the emotional turmoil she felt playing Edie Sedgwick in the forthcoming Andy Warhol film Factory Girl.

The actress, 24, was fascinated by style icon Edie, spending the best part of a year researching her life. She admits she became ‘totally obsessed’ with the model-turned-muse who was popping Valium from the age of eight, had electric shock treatment at 14, and was sexually abused by her father.

‘I found it really hard to take my black tights off,’ Sienna admits, referring to Sedgwick’s trademark nylons. But she adds: ‘Actually, I didn’t want to let her go.’

It was Sienna’s mother who told her to pull herself together. ‘She said: “You’ve got to stop this now”,’ the star tells the Daily Mail.

‘I went to Mexico on my own for a week and just chilled out, but it was several more weeks before Edie escaped my system. I think there’s still a bit of her in me.’